Switzerland is special not just for having Heidi, beautiful mountains, chocolate and cheese but also for its large variety of SME’s.

In the fast moving social media and online world an active exchange of ideas and experiences is extremely useful. Together we try and answer 3 important questions:

  • What is currently a hot social media topic for SME’s – what is going on in the soho scene in Switzerland with regard to social media ?
  • What are the best practices
  • What can we learn from successful SME’s use of social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and blogs.

The Meetup Social Media Marketing for SME takes place monthly in Luzern and Zurich. It is primarily focused on success stories and the exchange of ideas about what works and doesn’t. We will also have short creative workshops where everyone can present their ideas to a defined problem.


Liking & Sharing: We help create a “Like together” community, where all the members support each other.

Learning and understanding: What are other SMEs doing, what is the competition doing. How successful are my competitors.

Contacts and Network: Meet and get to know people with similar interests. Increase your network of people active in social media and of course exchange ideas about how to be successful on social media.

Focus: The presentations are short with just the key facts you need to use in your social media success.

Who should take part: SMEs who use or would like to use social media for marketing or communications.

Next Meetup: Date, Time, Place: Tuesday 28. June 2016  Luzern, Schlössli Schönegg, Axon Vibe, (link to meet up and event). 29. June 2016 Zurich Swisscom Tower (link to meet up).


It’s free. Apéro and speeches are paid for by our sponsors.