2 Social Media-Tips: Trilogy – How do I get more likes and engagement?

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Alma Cilurzo | 30. May 2016

In this trilogy, we show how you can achieve more likes and engagement for your posts and profiles.


  1. Like other users and show that you value them and their posts.
  2. Always make positive comments and participate.
  3. Mention and tag people in your posts and comment regularly.


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  1. Like other users and show that you value them and their posts.

How often have you consumed pictures and videos without giving a like or a word of encouragement? Become a habitual liker! Whenever you see something you enjoy, like it. You have nothing to lose by liking other posts and lots to gain. Likes are positive and create a good feeling within your community. Everyone enjoys them and is happy to watch their like count increase. But if you want likes, you must give likes and not just be a watcher. You must become an actor! Like for like is key to success in generating likes. Liking often makes a good impression and you will be liked in turn.


  1. Always make positive comments and participate.

How often have you thought about posts which you have seen? Often? Why not react and give some POSITIVE inputs to the post? A simple commentary such as “Wow – that is super” or “Bravo – well done” or simply “Thanks for the nice picture” work wonders. You will be taken seriously and suddenly you’ll start getting back likes on your page.


  1. Mention and tag people in your posts and comment regularly.

Did you find a nice article about weddings for your friend who is getting married soon? Or did you, by chance, find a restaurant with a comfortable garden terrace nearby, which would be perfect for your best friend? Well then, you should use the @ function and mention your friend in the post. @AndreaMuster wouldn’t that be a nice place for your weeding? Or @PeterMuster our next beer is going to be here!

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