#19 Social Media KMU: 2. secret Instagram haks

Alma Cilurzo | 17. January 2017

Would you like to be up to date in the fast moving online world ? Would you like to know more about the latest social media developments and trends? Read more about the next secret instagram hak in our #instahaks blogpost.


Welcome to the second round of our secret Instagram Hacks: 

1) See all the posts you’ve liked.

2) See what your friends have recently liked and commented

How this works ? Read more here get a step by step tutorial.

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Did you ever want to see all the posts you’ve liked in one place? I know this could be very helpful for you.

All you have to do is the following step:

  1. go to your own profile
  2. click the Instagram “Options” button (a gear icon on iPhone/iPad and three dots on Android).
  3. click “Posts You’ve Liked.

How can I un-like any posts?

To un-like any of the posts you’ve liked, simply go to the post and deselect the “heart” icon below it.

Good news – the user won’t be notified that you’ve un-liked their post.


2) See what your friends have recently liked and commented

So, you already know how to see who has recently liked your posts.

But what about the posts, people you follow have liked recently?

Or what they’ve commented on others’ photos, for that matter?


To view the activity from the people you follow you have to do this:

  1. Click the heart icon at the bottom of the home screen that shows which people have Liked your photos.
  2. choose the tab near the top that says “Following.”


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