#16 Social Media KMU: 6 Instagram no-goes

Instagram No goes

Alma Cilurzo | 28. november 2016

Would you like to be up to date in the fast moving online world ? Would you like to know more about the latest social media developments and trends? Read more about 6 common Instagram no-goes in our todays blogpost. We gonna talk about 6 common mistakes when using Instagram, especially if you are a small business owner.

Instagram No go


  1. hashtag overload
  2. non-sense hashtags
  3. to much text
  4. bad photo quality and position
  5. selfie overload
  6. endless tagging, no personal contact

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  1. hashtag overload

The perfect photo is ready, the filter is on, the position chosen – and now the whole new #hashtag world opens up to you… but what to do now? Back in the days, hashtags were related to telephone keyboards – nowadays, at least within the Instagram world, hashtags are used to describe the picture content with words also called meta – information about the photo itself.

So often said, so many times mistaken: rather short and catchy than long and boring.

A simple rule I always keep in mind is, never use more than 11 Hashtags per post. If you need more hashtags, just use the comments below the post to add your supplementary hashtags. This looks so much better and professional and also contributes to the hashtag effect.

Thanks to Instagram, If I start using hashtags, the tool reminds me of often used hashtags and also states, how many other posts contain the specific hashtag. It is smart to use the hashtags wisely. If I use attractive, specific and high frequency hashtags, the probability that more people find my post in their timeline is higher, than first mover hashtags with a low frequency.


  1. non-sense hashtags

Lets stick to the hashtag topic 🙂 – as already mentioned above, Instagram helps me with finding possible hasthags.

Some instagrammers though think its very funny to use non-sense and non-effect hashtags. Silly hashtags, that no one uses and never will be used. Of course its their own decision, but from a professional point of view, if your in business, just don’t do this. I rather conduct the keyword study properly and use hashtags with a great impact and frequency. As well as being accurate and use hashtags that really describes the content properly.

Let’s make an example: a business photo, taken in my office should not conatin the following hashtags: #partyhard #yolo #veganfood #happyholiday. –> These hashtags may fit to a teens schoolholiday photo – but not to a business related environment.

My advice here would be: Use your brains and make smart decisions about what hashtags could be appropriate for your business. What about: #workday #myoffice #business #Ilovemyjob #view #success etc.

Why don’t you get inspired by the big social media influencers in your niche? This always helps me a lot and opens up a new perspective. There are so many super useful hashtags that bring traffic on your page – find out which one is good for you!

Don’t forget: Hashtags like to have a space inbetween the next hasthag and also correct spelling!

#hello#holidy##Sundais – looks unprofessional & also contains spelling mistakes. Please avoid this.

#hello #holiday #sundays is correct, no mistakes! Go for it!


  1. too much text

Instagram focusses on photo or the video – not on text*.

(*Text is still important, due to hashtags that bring traffic and new followers, and as well as direct speech to your followers, asking questions and emotional connection within short text and smiley emoji usage.)

So please – don’t make your text long and boring, don’t include pushy advertisments neither! No one cares, and no one has too much time to read this.  Please be short and precise.

The Passiv form is also oldschool – common online language is active, simple and …. the new black ;-).


  1. bad photo quality & position

If the photo is priorised, the question, how good the photo quality and its positioning are, can’t be unanswered.

That’s why I always advice to go through the following questions – before posting:

  • if you use zoom, or speficic parts of the picture, check if the pixel quality is still a good one.
  • Fancy foto filter are cool – but does it still match your corporate ID?
  • You may need to change the photo position using specific Instagram picture sizes.
  • Can you delete annoying borders?
  • Photos taken against the sun are most likely to be too dark – avoid them.
  • Don’t shoot directly against the sun – to much light is not good.
  • Delete “shaky pictures”
  • Avoid using the frog-perspective – no one really wants to see a double chin. Beginners mistake.


  1. selfie overload

Millenials and digital natives can’t imagine a world without selfies and selfie stick. Okai – fair enough – I also post Selfies sometimes. BUT – does it really have to be every post?

Does it really have to be a duck face? Not really. So again,

Think of the golden rule of “don’t overdo it!”. So simple, so right?


  1. endless tagging

Tagging with the @-function can be really handy, if used correctly. Thanks to the @-function, my friends can see certain posts with a higher probability. Why is this the case? With the direct tagging option, my friends receive an alert, that the have been tagged. So they look at my post and may like it, comment it or share it.

Unfortunately, there are some “sharks” in the Instagram ocean. Unknown instagrammers tagged me and…

  1. they have nothing incommon with my interests and my channel
  2. they posted really annoying and very long advertisement text into my posts, so that I can’t see other peoples reactions and posts.
  3. and never liked my posts or engaged positively within my channel.
  4. they act against the law – this is not proper advertisement with no allowance from my side to do so !

This is not fair at all – and I am totally keen on always block them and report their accounts to Instagram. It is really annoying and destroys the positive vibe.

So please, think before tagging! Would your friend like to be tagged or not? And again – my favortite rule – Don’t overdo it. Otherwise you can be defollowed or also reported to Instagram as SPAM. –> this can lead to account blockage !

So finally, I have my own rule: I only tag if I know the person well, and I know she will like it. I only tag If I mention the person within my comments with a direct speech / question.

And If you’re not sure – common – just write a text message over the Instagram text messaging channel and ask politely if you can tag your friend or not 🙂 Asking is King!


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