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instagramAlma Cilurzo | 23.11.2016
Would you like to be up to date in the fast moving online world ? Would you like to know more about the latest developments and trends in the social media world ? Read more about Instagram in our todays blogpost. We gonna talk about 5 crucial reasons why you should use Instagram, especially if you are a small business owner.
  • Instagram in numbers
  • The tool, where your future clients are
  • Emotions in the spotlight
  • Show uniqueness of your small business
  • Marketing reasons

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Since the first baby steps in 2010, Instagram has been fascinating ever since.  I use it almost daily and share content with the world. There is only one question, I’ve been asked so many times:  Why should a small business owner use Instagram ?

Of course, I would like to point out that Instagram has to be used specifically regarding your target audience. And of course, there are certain business’ that rather use other platforms. In this blog post though, I would like to talk about the advantages for small businesses by using this so called shooting star “Instagram”.

1. Instagram in numbers : 500 millions active user in 2016
  • 500 millions active Instagram users (at least 1x per month online)
  • 300 millions Instagram users are active daily
  • 9 Million people in Germany use Instagram
  • the Instagram community has doubled its size in the last two years
  • More than 95 million posts per day
  • 4.2  billions of likes per day
  • 80% of the Instagram users live outside the USinstagram-user-growth
These facts are amazing and outline the power of Instagram very clearly. Since the foundation in 2010, Instagram has been a super shooting star – the platform was further developed, tested and optimised throughout its remarkable growth. The designers added fancy foto tools and options, and just recently have connected Instagram 1:1 to it’s “big sister” Facebook. This is a great relieve, when it comes to the maintenance of two channels at once and its usability. It makes it super easy to spread the posts over both channels. Don’t forget to mention, the statistics for Facebook Business Pages can be combined with the Instagram stats. Yay! Instagram grows daily – and I am totally convinced, will have a huge impact on the social media market.
 2.The tool, where your future clients are“Where grandma, grandpa, mum and dad write their messages and post their fotos – it’s definitively not my place to be”  said Melanie, 15 years. Surely there are many different platforms, where the millennials and teens are active, but the probability that they put themselves in scene on Instagram is very high.Facebook is now for oldies – Instagram is for the youngsters.This development is nothing new to me – first Facebook was the trendy place to show yourself online – until the older generation jumped in. And very fast Facebook changed into a platform for the older generation…

and in the meanwhile, Melanie 15, is posting a selfie with her new Ray Ban sunglasses #yolo #lifeisgood #sunnyday.

It is always the first-mover rule. The faster, the younger  😉




3. Emotions in the spotlight

Why shall we write long sentences, when no one will ever read them anyway? Aren’t the pictures easier to memorise? Instead of writing what you are doing right now – just show it by posting a photo of it. Pictures and videos stimulate our emotions much more then letters. Photos bring clients into your world – they become part of your world and won’t get spammed by pushy advertisement text. A photo of your cafeteria, a foto of your office view, an event … there are no boundaries how to present your small business in colour or black and white on Instagram.

Aren’t we a little bit lazy with reading long texts? I certainly am lazy about it. My Facebook feed always contains at least one photo and 1 Video per post – otherwise, I can’t engage my audience properly. I am capitalizing on this phenomenon of photo domination.


4. Show the uniqueness of your small business

People like to connect with people – not with products or silly services. It’s a people business – and for social media in particular, it’s a socialising people business. That’s why, photo and video are crucial. Bingo for Instagram!

Pictures can show personality, or show employees of your company from another perspective. Why don’t you photograph your production process and not only focus on the final product itself? Why don’t you shoot a video during cooking the filets for the 4 course menu this day? Why don’t you video shoot the beautiful view from your office with Insta live stories?

Instagram changes the direction of advertisement –  pictures tell stories from the insight out – not from the outside in, as it was usual for ages on normal print media and marketing. Clients can engage nowadays actively and become a part of the company.

However, it is important to mention, that your photos should be part of your over all social media strategy. Are you a young and innovative start-up? Can your photo contain all colours and look “poppy” ? or are your clients more likely to be shy and appreciate seniority? so then your feed has to fit your clients expectations and needs.

Exactly, questions and answers like up above belong in your Social Media Strategie for small businesses – where your Instagram account also should be mentioned.

5. Marketing Reasons: 

  • Easy usability  – photo and video posts are super fast and easy to produce.
  • New filter and live stories available
  • Share your content over different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr… etc.
  • Better analytics available – Instagram business pages stats
  • Website link can bring more leads and traffic to your Website. Simply put the link (Website URL) in your bio.

Finally, whatever business you do – if its b2b, b2c – photos don’t have to be work related all the time, team photos, client meeting rooms, photos from the office, photos of ongoing projects, flowers outside the office …etc.

…But for now, we wish you great fun with Instagram !


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